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SEO Ranking

Below are few of the keywords which are promoted by SAVIT for some of its clients. You may click on the search engine name to verify the current ranking of that keyword.

Website Address


Rank as on
25 April 2014

Total Result
Online Cigar Shop 2nd 5,730,000
Cuban Cigars Online 9th 502,000
Dunhill Cigar Cutter 7th 38,900
Construction Budgeting Software 9h  6,120,000
Construction Inventory Software 9th 3,660,000
Inventory Management Software for Builders 3rd 12,500,000
fulham driving school 1st 189,000
Manual Driving Lessons Chelsea 1st 114,000
Manual Driving Lessons Wandsworth 1st  27,000
open ear hearing aids 18th 2,600,000
hearing care retailer 7th 1,170,000
Online Cigar Shop 10th 5,730,000
online cigar stores 7th 31,700,000
Cigar Merchants UK 9th 50,500